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Wooden posts posts hardwood hardwood species tropical hardwood

Wooden posts

When you want to install a wooden structure in your garden, you will also have to purchase wooden posts. They will be the foundation of your structure, so they should be given due consideration. From different hardwood species to the finish of the post, the scope of possible applications is quite broad.

What you should know about wooden posts

Wooden posts are used for various applications. From woven panels to securing fences, from installing garden screens to erecting structures, wooden posts have a wide range of applications. They are also used in the construction of floating decks. Not all tropical hardwood species are suitable for all possible applications. Depending on the application, a specific wood species is chosen, e.g. Azobe, Okan, Padauk, Ipe or Thermowood. Our expertise enables us to help you choose the appropriate tropical hardwood species for your project.

Wooden posts are used for various applications.

Tropical hardwood for wooden posts

Every wood species has its specific advantages and is suitable for specific structures. Azobe is ideally suited for retaining walls and other constructions that frequently are exposed to soil or water. Moreover, there are not only different tropical hardwood species that can be used, there are also different options within one and the same species. Wooden posts may be rough or sanded, pointed or not pointed. However, all hardwood species have one thing in common: they are of superior quality and durable.

Wooden posts are often used in wooden garden structures.

Applications with wooden posts

Wooden posts are often used in wooden garden structures. Gates, fences or wooden structures such as pool houses, carports and/or pergolas, they all need posts to remain upright. That is why we always carry a large stock of wooden posts. In addition, we manufacture traffic posts with reflectors that are sold to cities and municipalities.

We offer a wide range of wood selected for its durability which allows us to provide the right wooden posts for any application.


Wooden posts by Jadimex

With its many years' experience, Jadimex can offer you sound advice on choosing the wooden posts that are right for you. We can also assist you in determining the right dimensions. In addition, all posts can be finished to the customer's requirements. Would you like more information? Send us an email using the contact form or drop by at our showroom.

Wooden posts posts hardwood hardwood species tropical hardwood

Al lot of our wood is FSC® certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests. This means that ecological, economic and social issues of today and tomorrow are addressed.

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