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Horse fence fence wooden horse fence wood Okan

Horse fence

Do you dream of keeping your horses in a pasture surrounded by a beautiful fence? As a horse lover, you want the whole picture to be complete. Your trusted steed deserves nothing but the best. A high quality wooden horse fence should therefore be a must on your wish list. Jadimex can help you with this. We can deliver a fence that is fully tailored to your needs.

Installing a horse fence

Have you recently spotted a magnificent fence? Tell us what you have in mind and we turn your ideas into reality. Several options are available for finishing your horse fence. You can, for example, determine yourself the height of the top beam. You also have full control over the finish of the post. Do you have any special wishes for the creation of your horse fence? We turn them into reality.

For the construction of a horse fence we use Okan.

Horse fence material

For the construction of a horse fence we use Okan. This tropical wood species has several properties that make it suitable for use as fencing. Okan has durability class 1, so you can be sure the wood will serve its purpose for a long time. Due to its natural hardness, horses will be less inclined to gnaw on it. A Jadimex horse fence is extremely stable and will develop a beautiful grey patina over time. Furthermore, the fine grain structure eliminates the fear of splinters and ensures a beautiful uniform finish.

A horse fence can be fully customised.

Custom made wooden horse fence

A horse fence can be fully customised. We carry a large stock of wood, so we can ensure fast delivery, also for large projects. We import our Okan wood ourselves which enables us to strictly monitor the quality of our product. Moreover, all machining is carried out in our workshop.

Jadimex for your horse fence

Jadimex resolutely opts for durability. The use of tropical hardwood will give an exclusive appearance to your horse fence. Do you have questions or would you like a quote? Please drop by at our showroom or send us an email using the contact form.

Horse fence fence wooden horse fence wood Okan

Al lot of our wood is FSC® certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests. This means that ecological, economic and social issues of today and tomorrow are addressed.

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