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Firewood quality firewood wood hardwood tropical hardwood

Firewood (sold out 2018-2019)

Do you have a stove at home? Are you looking for high quality firewood? Jadimex is a well-known wholesaler of wood in and around Leuven. Since 1996 we have specialised in tropical hardwood and other sustainable ecological alternatives. We are happy to provide our customers with hardwood that meets the most rigorous quality requirements. The same applies to our firewood.

Choosing high quality firewood

In recent years, demand for high quality firewood has grown. As part of our efforts to respond to our customers' needs, Jadimex now also offers firewood. You can choose from beech firewood pallets and firewood bags with tropical hardwood. Our wood has been dried, so it can be used immediately, making it ideally suited for stoves and open fireplaces.

Choosing high quality firewood.
We saw and produce the wood ourselves in Romania, so that we always have a large supply in stock and the quality can be carefully monitored.
If you only need a limited quantity of firewood, you can choose small bags

Firewood packaging

If you only need a limited quantity of firewood, you can choose small bags. Do you want enough firewood to last the winter? Then you should choose stacked pallets. We work with stère units instead of expressing volumes in m³, so that you are guaranteed to receive the exact quantity. Quite often, the wrong volumes are compared, so it is not always easy to compare prices.

With Jadimex, you can be sure that your firewood is measured and sold in accordance with the rules of the art.


Buying firewood from Jadimex

When buying wood from Jadimex you have the guarantee of buying the highest quality firewood at democratic prices. Moreover, the wood is dried to the core so it can immediately be used. Would you be interested in buying a pallet of firewood? Then be sure to contact us. We guarantee to make your trip to our showroom worthwhile.

Firewood quality firewood wood hardwood tropical hardwood

Al lot of our wood is FSC® certified and sourced from responsibly managed forests. This means that ecological, economic and social issues of today and tomorrow are addressed.

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